Now you can learn how to create your own beautiful cupcakes and have great fun! Workshops are held on monthly, and after the 3 hour workshop your fabulous cupcakes will be boxed for you to take home, and share with your family and friends! Cost per person is £65 including all cupcakes and materials. To book a space, please contact us or book online at Eventbrite

Workshops cover different cupcake icing techniques and as many flowers, stars, hearts, confetti, strands, baubles and anything else edible. Everyone gets 6 'naked' cupcakes to decorate, your fabulous cupcakes will be boxed for you to take home. The format of the workshops are demonstration and hands-on participation. Our workshops have been designed with beginners in although is suitable for all levels.

To see our scheduled workshop dates, check out our Eventbrite page or alternatively, you can drop us a line via email or call 01285 865505

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